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Our Mission

We aim to provide our customers and our community with the best roofing service possible.

Work safely so that we can enjoy life and the fruits of our labors

Educate ourselves and our customers 


Core Values



Peace of Mind

Chris Matthews | Owner, Founder, Construction Manager

Chris has 15+ years of construction management related experience in the construction industry.  His passion for the industry has driven him to pursue a master’s degree in construction management from the University of New Mexico and completed in May 2022.  He has had the opportunity to experience the industry from the ground up, beginning as an apprentice where he learned the hard physical work and coordination required to make years of planning transform from an idea into a new or updated facility. Chris' career progressed into managing numerous projects with small to multi-million dollars budgets. He has managed residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout his career and will apply that knowledge and logic to your individual roofing needs. 


An Anecdote
The Xebec & A Zephyr

A zephyr is a warm and steady west wind that was harnessed to power the mercantile vessels used to conduct  business around the Mediterranean 

Originating in the 17th century, the xebec, a three mast ship, was rumored to be the vessel of choice by the Barbary pirates and quickly adopted by many countries to conduct business and trade across the world because of its speed, maneuverability and capacity to protect and defend the cargo. In today's marketplace, we don't have ships and vessels, we have our organizations and our teams. Let us be the zephyr that provides your organization with the force and direction you need to define your goals, build your teams and provide project management consulting services that get your projects done effectively. 

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